How digital marketing can help you spread a word about your salon/parlor???

How digital marketing can help you spread a word about your salon/parlor???

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What will be your answer if someone ask you -When was the last time you glanced at the mirror today???The answer will probably be just few minutes back or few hours back. With the changing life style everyone has started getting more & more conscious regarding their looks. People are willing to spend more so as to look good & presentable. Increase in incomes, changing lifestyles, fashion, glamour industry is directly contributing to the success of the beauty & cosmetics industry. People are ready to pay huge bucks for hair/skin treatment in order to look good.

The beauty & cosmetic sectors of the economy are getting more organised with many international players in the market. It is because of the technology that today’s customer are more knowledge as they know what they want and how where they can get. But being a beauty service provider you just cannot open a parlor; distribute pamphlets sit back; sit, relax and hope that customer will visit you. It wouldn’t work that way in this digital world. Gone are the days when customer will directly walk into your parlor without any prior knowledge about you. Today’s  customer are tech-savvy and they will probably do a prior online research regarding the beauty service providers, look for reviews & recommendations, look for offers, deals and then depending on that end up in your beauty salon. So if you are not having an existence on web you will probably losing on the major share of these organised customers.

Social Media platforms like Facebook & Twitter can help you to inform customers regarding various offers & deals that you are offering on your services. It also helps the customers to get knowledge of various services that your beauty salon offers and their specialities. Social media marketing and PPC are powerful tools of Marketing for beauty industry. If you are having a website, investing in PPC campaign is found to be beneficial. Through display marketing you direct the customers to your website, where they can find detailed information about your services.

YouTube Marketing is the latest catching trend in Beauty and salon industry. Establishing a YouTube channel and posting videos regarding makeup tips, how-to videos are effective ways of staying in touch with your audiences.

Beauty and grooming blogs, beauty tips, and articles relating to beauty and cosmetics are much searched for these days. So you can use this as an opportunity to engage your audience with your brand. Writing beauty blogs conveying benefits of various beauty treatments/Cosmetic products, ways to take care of your skin can interest the customers.

It may be difficult to spend time on these things but these are absolutely necessary as they are surely goanna yield fruitful results. If you are in such beauty business and want to leverage the social Media platform, do get in touch with us. We will be glad to help you with our Digital Marketing Solutions.