How digital marketing can help you spread a word about your salon/parlor???

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What will be your answer if someone ask you -When was the last time you glanced at the mirror today???The answer will probably be just few minutes back or few hours back. With the changing life style everyone has started getting more & more conscious regarding their looks. People are willing to spend more so as to look good & presentable. Increase in incomes, changing lifestyles, fashion, glamour industry is directly contributing to the success of the beauty & cosmetics industry. People are ready to pay huge bucks for hair/skin treatment in order to look good.

The beauty & cosmetic sectors of the economy are getting more organised with many international players in the market. It is because of the technology that today’s customer are more knowledge as they know what they want and how where they can get. But being a beauty service provider you just cannot open a parlor; distribute pamphlets sit back; sit, relax and hope that customer will visit you. It wouldn’t work that way in this digital world. Gone are the days when customer will directly walk into your parlor without any prior knowledge about you. Today’s  customer are tech-savvy and they will probably do a prior online research regarding the beauty service providers, look for reviews & recommendations, look for offers, deals and then depending on that end up in your beauty salon. So if you are not having an existence on web you will probably losing on the major share of these organised customers.

Social Media platforms like Facebook & Twitter can help you to inform customers regarding various offers & deals that you are offering on your services. It also helps the customers to get knowledge of various services that your beauty salon offers and their specialities. Social media marketing and PPC are powerful tools of Marketing for beauty industry. If you are having a website, investing in PPC campaign is found to be beneficial. Through display marketing you direct the customers to your website, where they can find detailed information about your services.

YouTube Marketing is the latest catching trend in Beauty and salon industry. Establishing a YouTube channel and posting videos regarding makeup tips, how-to videos are effective ways of staying in touch with your audiences.

Beauty and grooming blogs, beauty tips, and articles relating to beauty and cosmetics are much searched for these days. So you can use this as an opportunity to engage your audience with your brand. Writing beauty blogs conveying benefits of various beauty treatments/Cosmetic products, ways to take care of your skin can interest the customers.

It may be difficult to spend time on these things but these are absolutely necessary as they are surely goanna yield fruitful results. If you are in such beauty business and want to leverage the social Media platform, do get in touch with us. We will be glad to help you with our Digital Marketing Solutions.

How to use Digital Marketing to grow your Travel & Tourism business???

Digital Marketing for Travel & Tourism Business

The travel & tourism industry is one of the most rapidly flourishing economic sectors globally. Rise in income level, changing lifestyles, desire to travel and explore new places are the prime drivers for growth of the travel industry. With the Technological advancement the conventional travel and tourism industry has got a whole new digital look. Today’s customer buying/purchasing decision of tour package is highly dependent on the digital identity of the tour company. It has therefore become extremely necessary to listen & get engaged with your audience through social media platforms. Whether it is a vehicle/car/airline booking agency, hotel booking agency, tour planner or destination marketing agency you just cannot overlook the benefits of social media marketing.

Social Media platforms like twitter and Facebook can act as an important source of information for a customer planning a tour. Websites/Social Media pages of company can help to convey information regarding various tours, packages, deals, and discount to the potential customers. Such platforms can also act as knowledge sharing platform by providing information/facts/news/tips regarding various tourist places, it ultimately results in building customer engagement and relationships. Facebook can be seen as an effective way for getting the referral traffic to the websites.

Reviews have a strong impact on today’s customer buying behaviour. Customers tend to see what other people are saying about your company and based on that they make purchase decision. Both Positive and negative reviews if handled in proper way can benefit the company. Negative reviews if addressed properly can become a suggestion and ultimately a growth point for company. Twitter is helpful in building online communities and is the most effective way of engaging customers with the brand/company. Instagram acts as a powerful tool in visual representation of a brand. Engaging customers through Instagram is found to be beneficial for the Tour Company.

If you are planning to invest in Digital Marketing for your company, do get in contact with us at we will be glad to help you and make journey enriching.

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How External data or lead provider can help you to get more sponsors and delegates in your next B 2B Conference?

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B2B Conferences provides an excellent networking opportunity to people within a particular industry. Such conferences serve as an ideal platform for knowledge sharing; understanding new trends within the industry, and interacting with the industry leaders. B2B conferences are also effective for marketing your business to potential clients.

However success of any B2B conferences primarily depends upon three main things-the speaker, delegates and the sponsors. Finding the relevant delegates who might be interested in attending such conferences includes deep research of his educational background, career, skills and interest areas. Discovering relevant industry leaders who can serve as the speaker for the conference, finding potential sponsors for the conference is a challenging and time consuming task. In order to make this task simple it is preferable to handle lead generation work to an external data or lead provider who can help you to get more delegates and sponsors in limited period of time. The other benefits of handling this work to external data or lead provider include:

Continues flow of new data or leads: With the help of various data mining tools an external researcher can dig, search and provide continuous data/leads. As such firms are into continuous data generation process they can provide fresh, customized and relevant data time to time.

Internal research team can search for other events or do other important tasks: It frees up the internal research team from otherwise time consuming activities of data generation/list building and can focus their time on planning the events. In short the internal research team can focus more on the core areas of business.

Can add lead researcher in short notice based on conference: Depending upon the needs it is easy add a resource which can contribute to the project on short notice.

SalesZoomer is one of the top lead generation companies in India with proven experience and expertise in managing the lead generation activities for the leading Conference Organizers for verticals like pharmaceuticals, finance, food & beverages, manufacturing, engineering, etc.

If you are looking for such Lead/Data provider who can contribute in getting more delegates/sponsors for your next B2B event do get contact with us


Does your business need digital marketing strategy?

Does your business need digital marketing strategy

Digital marketing has now become an important part of Marketing strategy along with traditional marketing techniques for all type of businesses  .Companies across all the sectors has been allocating major chunk of their entire marketing budget for Digital marketing. The main reason behind the major investment  is the number of people you can reach with the help of digital marketing.

Remember, digital marketing  is not a magic bullet which will give you immediate  result . it’s a   continuous and evolving  process that requires steady and focus efforts. That’s the key to stay ahead of yours competition.

Digital marketing involves SEO services ,search engine marketing, content marketing, Social media marketing, Social media optimization(SMO), e-mail marketing Facebook marketingppc campaigns etc

Why digital marketing is important for your business??

According to experts  digital marketing channels have an edge over other traditional marketing channels. You may  achieves better cost per leads with Digital  marketing channels using the tools for the digital marketing campaign like search engine optimization, social media marketing and email marketing. Companies those who use digital marketing  techniques are likely to generate high revenues (2.8X) by expanding their business by 3.3 times than traditional.

What should you know before making a move towards digital marketing??

1) Website: Soul for digital marketing strategy

Website is a must to devise any digital strategy. Website is face of your business to your audience. It should give reasons to your audience to revisit your website every now and then.

2) Content undoubtedly is still the king

Quality Content is lifeline of your online business. Be it your website tagline, social media message, product reviews, video tutorials, info graphics, or business blogs and articles; content is viewed as bedrock of your marketing effort

3) Digital marketing is for all

Whatever business you are in, digital marketing can help grow your business multifold. The market is flourished with the specialized digital marketing agencies that can help your online business to prosper.

If you are new to digital marketing and are planning to hire outside expert to plan, implement and execute your digital marketing initiative, it could open amazing new avenues for business as they can give you valuable insights specific to the business. SalesZoomer is an expert Digital Marketing Company in pune that can help you maximize your investment by staying your business relevant in the digital world.

Is your company measuring its return on Social Media?



Nowadays many businesses around the world are spending major chunk of their marketing budget on Social Media. One of the challenges we hear from the companies is how to measure the ROI on social media efforts.

Before getting into the effectiveness measurement and analysis part you should take into account following key points:

  • The length of the time you have spent in efforts: If you are doing it for the first time, give it considerable time and stick to it as long as you see some action.
  • Right choice of social media platform: Make a right choice of social media platform based on your target audience Vs the strengths and demographics of social media platforms. This will also guarantee you the expected results
  • Avoid comparison with traditional marketing media: Social media is not a “Magic Bullet” and it will not replace all your other marketing modes. So try avoiding comparing the results by both the means. It takes time to justify your social investment.

How can you measure ROI on social media?

You need to set up your own tracking parameters based on Facebook Insights, Google Analytics, Twitter and Pinterest analysis to measure the actual impact. The click counts and website traffic spikes can be direct reflection of the social media efforts. These can be termed as “Social Media Tangibles”

However marketers have started looking beyond the tangible numbers to other forms of measurement to identify and analyze the value of social media efforts.These parameters comes under the category of “Social Media Intangibles” e.g. customer satisfaction, improved communication with the customers, increased sales and quick brand perception etc.

If you’re working on your social media strategy and measuring the ROI, keep in mind these tangibles and intangibles. As all these will collectively form the basis to calculate ROI on social media.

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